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August 27th to September 1rst : 6 whole days with Abiola Fat


October 11 to 18th  7 whole days with Sara Avtar


2021 January 4rd to 11th 8 full days with Abiola

March 20 & 21 exam in Lyon



Shakti Dance®

The Yoga of Dance


Vitality • Radiance • Awakening • Soul Expression


Energise your Body - Awaken your Mind - Elevate your Spirit! 

Merge with the Life Force and Express your Essence… 


Shakti Dance®, the ‘Yoga of Dance’ is rooted in the technology of Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan. The discipline was developed by Sara Avtar, with the blessing of Yogi Bhajan, in 2001. Shakti Dance® shares the common goal with Kundalini Yoga of expanding consciousness to unfold and express our soul potential in daily life.

Different yogic techniques and dance-styles are interwoven according to their qualities and energy levels, as ‘tools’ to stimulate and rebalance the pranic flow in mind and body. 

The system of Shakti Dance® illumines a delicate synergy of practice with mindfulness, synchronised to mantra:

rhythmic breath • cyclic flowing movement • free dance • relaxation

• movement meditation • silence 

The resultant tapestry induces a unique space of consciousness - a relaxed atmosphere of ‘harmonious attunement’, characteristic to Shakti Dance®. This subtle space releases blockages and deep conditioning, inducing inner healing and awakening. It opens us up to our core vibration, cascading into free dance and the expressive fullness of aware Being.






Physical Body 

Principles of Harmonious Movement ~ Bandhas ~ 

5 Elements & Posture ~ Rhythmic Breath ~ Dynamic Asanas 

Energy Body 

Systems of Yogic Anatomy: Vayus, Chakras, Nadis, Meridians.

Mental Body Mind: 

Mind: Structure, Mindfulness, Meditation. 

Focus: Mantras, Mudras, Rhythm, Geometry. 

Movement Meditations: 

Celestial Communications and Mantric Choreographies

Yogic Philosophy 

Patanjali ~ Vedanta ~ Samkhya ~ Bhakti Tradition

Hindu Mythology 

Shiva & Shakti ~ Three Principle Gods & Goddesses


Dynamic Structure of the 8 Phases of a Class

Development & Growth as a Teacher 

Acquistion of Techniques ~ Integration of Practice ~ 

Role & Expression of a Teacher




Karambir Kaur 00 33 6 63 56 66 32

SARA AVTAR (Avtar Kaur)
Born in the UK, living in Italy, Avtar Kaur has studied with Yogi Bhajan since 1987. She is a Kundalini N1 and N2 yoga trainer, N2 healer Sat Nam Rasayan, lifelong dancer, singer and founder and founder of Shakti Dance®, blessed by Yogi Bhajan in 2001. She travels all over the world, training teachers of Kundalini Yoga and Shakti Dance®. She released music albums,
Having experienced many life challenges, Sara Avtar has found self-sufficiency and empowerment as a woman, through her spiritual practice and the resulting manifestation of creative potential. It is this inner resource that she wishes to share with others. Transforming art into yogic technology, she combines the qualities of dance, song and visual form, with breath and consciousness in a harmonious arrangement, opening a subtle field of awakened Presence. For over twenty years, Sara Avtar has devoted her life experience to facilitating the discovery and realization of the Original Being - helping them to manifest their potential and to serve through creative originality.

ABIOLA FATEHMEE has a sunny temper and a joy of powerful movement, reflected in her expressive dance talents. She is a teacher of Kundalini Yoga (2010) and Shakti Dance® (2013) deeply spiritual, Certified Instructor Shakti Dance® (2015), Therapist Cranio Sacral, Healer and Dancer. She lives with her 2 children and her partner in Germany and teaches internationally.
The place :

Accommodation for Espace Rivoire is not included, from € 52 per day in summer, € 59 in winter, all inclusive (vegetarian meals), prices here
Espace Rivoire, in Rivoire, 01430 Vieu-d'Izenave.
Healing center, a little corner of paradise located in the Jura mountains - in the heart of the Bugey forest, near Lyon and Geneva in Switzerland (about 1 hour by train or shuttle) .- an airport shuttle from Lyon on the outward and return journey, the costs are to be shared between the travelers.

Cost of the 24-day training:

textbooks, teaching materials, videos, one-year membership to the Shakti Dance Academy (value: € 60) and exam included.

€ 2,240 before june 15, pay a deposit of € 747 to secure your place.
€ 2,340 after june 15, pay a deposit of € 780 to secure your place.
Download the registration form here, initial each page.
information and registration here and :

Karambir Kaur: 06 63 56 66 32

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